The UK is a favorite destination for many tourists around the world. This fascinating island nation in Europe has a lot of attractions which make it a top spot for holidaymakers, students and business people alike. It is not hard to see why the UK is indeed favored by a large number of people worldwide. It is one of the countries that offer a varied range of products to its tourists. With both historical and cultural attractions, the UK is definitely a comprehensive destination. One of the nice spots in the country is Hertfordshire, a county in the southern part of the UK. Below are some of the best places to visit in Hertfordshire UK.

Best Places to Visit in Hertfordshire UK

St Albans

One of the most famous spots in Hertfordshire is the city of St Albans. This interesting area has a lot of historical attractions and will be an instant favorite for all tourists interested in learning some history. The city also has a lot of amenities to cater for everyone who visits. There are numerous shops, hotels and restaurants where you can buy some goods as well as spend your holiday. This city is definitely suitable for all sorts of travelers as it is family-friendly with a lot of interesting sites for children as well as adults.


Watford is another popular town in Hertfordshire. The area has a lot of excellent areas to visit. It is one of the towns that has had a lot of success in attracting unique visitors each year. The town is famous for being a preferred spot for shoppers. There are numerous established shopping centers in the town where visitors can buy clothing among other things. The town is also a great destination for dance with a number of ballet studios.

Welwyn Garden City

This town, affectionately known as WGC by its local residents, is a natural attractions paradise. The town has numerous parks, lakes, nature reserves and gardens that offer an outstanding experience for all nature lovers. The availability of lakes in the area means that a lot of water activities like fishing are offered in abundance. The town is perfect for couples, families and solo travelers looking to experience the natural wonders of Hertfordshire.


Harpenden is a town in the middle of Hertfordshire, strategically located between the city of St Albans and the town of Luton. This town is connected directly to central London by rail. There are a lot of interesting places to visit in Harpenden including the numerous art galleries in the town. With a couple of museums in the town to add to the many art galleries, this town is perfect for art lovers. There are several gardens and parks for nature lovers as well.

The UK is a very rewarding tourist destination, and the county of Hertfordshire is definitely a perfect embodiment of this fact. If you are looking for interesting places to visit in Hertfordshire UK, the above destinations are the perfect spots. People who are just generally looking to tour the UK are also encouraged to check out this marvelous county.

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