Welcome Aboard, Rick!

I’m pleased to announce that Rick Smith, founder of Rock Bottom Outreach, and an ordained minister, has accepted our offer and joined the staff at Radio CIA as an associate pastor.

You can hear Rick weekdays on Radio CIA with his daily inspirational broadcast “Real Talk” at 8:55 am, 12:55 pm, 2:55 pm, 5:55 pm and 8:55 pm Central time. If a syndicated show is playing during one of those slots, “Real Talk” will air immediately afterwards.

Rick will also be preaching for the Thursday Night Meeting on July 24 at 8 pm Central here on Radio CIA. You can listen to Rick’s powerful testimony, or download it in .mp3 format, from our Sermons on Demand feature.

Humbling Experience

Last Saturday morning, I was invited to come along and volunteer as Rock Bottom Outreach went to minister to the homeless at Beautiful Feet Ministries in east Fort Worth. And let me tell you what a humbling experience that was.

I volunteered to help in the kitchen. After all, I’m a fairly good cook. Others in the group were sorting clothes, making repairs to the building, doing general cleaning, you name it. Those of us in the kitchen were tasked with preparing and serving breakfast for probably about 75 or 100 people, cleaning up, then immediately preparing and serving lunch for probably twice that many.

Here’s the group of us there. I’m the guy in the denim shorts and baseball cap, front row.

Now, here is the first part that was humbling. Standing in the kitchen next to a Christian lady I had just met that morning, and realizing that she, other than asking questions about the process to be sure she knew what we were doing and what her job was, DIDN’T HAVE TIME to talk while she was working. She was too busy praying over each and every morsel of food that she handled. Thanking God for it. Praising Jesus for it. Praying it would be nutritious and pleasing in taste to a person in need. Praying it would help open their heart and mind to the Good News of the Gospel.

Praying without ceasing. How many of us can honestly say we do that?

And then, leaving the kitchen on our break. Taking up a plate and going out and sitting among the homeless to eat alongside them. Talking with them. Asking their story. Loving on them. Witnessing to them. It’s an eye opening experience. No, actually it’s a slap in the face. It’s humbling.

If you’ve never done something like this before, I encourage you. DO IT. Volunteer. Give of your time. But more important, get to know the people you are volunteering with, and the people you are volunteering FOR. God will shine through you for it. You’ll learn things about yourself you never knew before. You’ll be humbled and blessed in equal doses.