YAHOO! is banned here.

Effective immediately, the Yahoo! domain is banned on the Radio CIA website from all nations. We get nearly 100 “new member signups” daily. Almost all of them are bots attempting to post spam. And almost all of them are Yahoo! email addresses.

If you signed up for this site with a Yahoo! email address, your account has been deleted. Period, end of story. If you wish to remain a member, you’ll have to sign up with an email address from a different domain name. For most of you, there’s no reason to bother. You only have to be registered on the site if you wish to post a comment on a message, or have your name automatically set when you come to the Fellowship Hall. Since none of you post comments, and few of you ever visit the Fellowship Hall, this won’t matter to 99 percent of you. Find another email provider if you wish to remain on the list of registered users.

I will edit the list of registered users down to nearly no one, I expect. I will probably also totally disable the comment system, as it is only abused, not used by our users. I’ve already totally disabled comment on Pastor Mike’s website, because of spam.

You reap what you sow.

Ruled by 3% of the population?

Let me get this straight. According to the CDC, less than 3% of Americans describe themselves as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered. So why is their lifestyle choice forced into our face on a daily basis? Why are laws preventing same sex, zero procreation marriage, being tossed aside daily? Why is our “One Nation, Under God”, being forced to capitulate to sin?

Tune into Radio CIA tomorrow night for some advice on “Dealing With The Wicked”. The Thursday Night Meeting. 8 PM Central (9 Eastern).